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How do I know if I need an upgrade, or if a potential problem exists?

Fixy Electrical will inspect and evaluate your current electrical system and first, determine if there are any safety issues that need to be addressed. They will also help you determine if expansions or upgrades make sense, after reviewing your system’s condition and determining if it will meet your current and future needs. Once the assessment is complete, they can provide you with a range of repair or upgrade options, and a detailed quotation for the work involved.

Do you handle simple jobs like installing a dimmer switch, adding a ceiling fan or a replacement lighting fixture?

Fixy Electrical are experienced in all sorts of electrical work, from simple switch and fixture replacement to more complicated and extensive work, like adding high-voltage circuits, electrical box upgrades, adding outdoor service, complete system re-wiring and whole-house surge protection. Just let them know what you want and they’ll be happy to give you a quote.

What if I just need a new meter box, a breaker panel, or an outdoor outlet?

Fixy Electrical will be happy to provide a quote for only the work you requested. Keep in mind, that if electrical requirements demand that additional parts or replacement components are needed to complete the work according to code, they must be included in the scope of the job, since that work must be inspected and approved.

I have an older home. I don’t have enough wall plugs and the service can’t keep up with all my equipment and electronics. Can you help?

Fixy Electrical can make a visit and assess the current condition of your electrical system and recommend needed changes and upgrades depending on your needs. Many older homes may still have only 100-amp service, and this is generally insufficient for modern families, with multiple TVs, computers, home electronics and more powerful appliances. Upgraded service can provide more dependability, and additional outlets will help eliminate the overuse of extension cords, which can be a safety issue.

How do I know if I need to use the Electrical Services Program?

If you have damaged or outdated equipment—like a rusty meter box, a broken weather head connection, or an old fuse or breaker box, you probably already know that you need to call a professional. But common repairs, equipment upgrades, new lines and fixtures also need to be handled by a licensed pro—not only to ensure reliability and safety but to comply with your local building code. Electricity is not something you take chances with; it pays to have a professional do the work—for your family’s safety and your own peace of mind. Fixy Electrical will be happy to provide a Free Quote

What if I already purchased or own a light fixture or other equipment, and I just need it installed? Will they do that?

Assuming the fixture or equipment you have is new or meets applicable electrical codes, our contractors should be able to install it for you. The contractor’s quote will be based on the labour, tools, equipment and materials needed to complete the installation. Fixy Electrical will be happy to provide a Free Quote.

Will they remove and dispose of my old fixtures and equipment?

Yes. Fixy Electrical will remove any old or damaged equipment as the job is completed.

How do I know the work is done correctly?

Fixy Electrical has licensed professionals who have proven backgrounds in providing quality work and customer service. Each one has been approved to participate in our Electrical Repair Program and must maintain a high level of customer satisfaction to retain that approval.

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