General circuit breaker tripping alone: what to do?

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You probably know the circuit breaker, don't t you?
This is an important part of the electrical network, responsible for ensuring safety and preventing accidents. It has a very characteristic operation. One of the most common problems is the general circuit breaker tripping alone or frequently.
This is a relatively common problem. However, it does show signs that there is a bigger problem with your electrical network, a problem that can even be dangerous for your health and the structure of the property.
Fixy Electrical has more than 15 years of Experience always ready and prepared to offer the best repair services for the electrical network in homes, commercial buildings, and large scale.
Therefore, we are always around here giving tips to our readers about the importance of electrical maintenance and even more importantly, about the care that we must take with circuit breakers, especially when they are disarming.
Check out what you need to know about when there are problems with the general circuit breaker tripping alone.

General circuit breaker disarming - Now what?

If your circuit breaker is tripped, the best thing to do is to get a professional electrician as soon as possible! It may seem like an exaggeration, but the circuit breaker is tripping because the network may be in danger.

The circuit breaker is a safety device, made specifically to protect the network from power overloads and overheating.

It may not seem like it, but inside a circuit breaker, there is a complex system for passing energy and even more importantly, for shutting down in case of problems.

Older circuit breakers (usually black) work with a part that heats and trips the circuit breaker. The newer ones already have systems that work in a more modern way, detecting other changes in functioning.

Although it is recommended to replace old circuit breakers, they still work very well and bring protection to your home.

The key point here is that the models, old and new, turn off when there are changes in the network. These changes are dangerous, as they can cause serious fires.

Can the circuit breaker trip at random?

There is a possibility that the circuit breaker is tripped by default in the armature system. However, this is not such a common problem.

To test whether the problem is with the circuit breaker or the network, just apply light pressure on the lever, if it trips very easily, then there is a defect in the circuit breaker.

In such cases, simply change the circuit breaker. However, as we have said, it is a very rare case, most of the time, the problem is with the power grid and you need to keep an eye on it to avoid future accidents.

What to do when you notice the general circuit breaker tripping?

The best thing to do is to always seek professional help. Preferably, try to avoid using any equipment that may be causing problems on the network until the cause of the shutdown is investigated and corrected.

While the circuit breaker is turning off, the property is safe, as the equipment is fulfilling its function.

However, in addition to this being inconvenient, especially in commercial environments, over time the circuit breaker may fail and there may be a fire principle.

Never, under any circumstances, neglect a problem with a trip circuit breaker.

When the problem starts to happen, don’t just set the circuit breaker again. Look for a professional to offer the necessary assistance and avoid major damage in the future.

Once the exact cause of the overheating is discovered, it is necessary to remedy the problem and, often, replace the circuit breaker as it may have been damaged by constant heating.

What can the circuit breaker trip?

As we reported, the circuit breaker trips due to the overheating caused by the power grid. This heating can be caused by different reasons, but mainly the short or overload of equipment.

It is quite common for the circuit breaker to start to have problems right after the purchase of new electrical equipment or the installation of showers, for example.

This means that the new equipment may be requiring more voltage than the grid can support. Connecting many devices to the same outlet will also have this effect on the circuit breaker.

Another problem is that the wire gauge is smaller than necessary for the current situation of the residence, something like in older buildings.

Network overheating is not an uncommon problem. A simple screw that is not properly tightened on the circuit breaker wires is enough to cause a major problem for the home.

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